My Weekday Wardrobe Has Never Looked Better—These 5 Affordable Outfits Are Why

I’m grateful to have Natalie Cantell as my boss for many reasons, including but not limited to the following: She has taught me literally everything I know about working in the fashion industry; she has a very cute Goldendoodle named Ruby (pictured below), who’s equal parts naughty and adorable; and she has that casual-yet-put-together style that I’m forever trying to emulate. While all of those things hold value to me, the last point is what I’m here to talk about today. 

I once sat a mere 36 inches away from Natalie five days a week, but now that we’re working from home, things are a bit different. By that I mean, instead of taking notes on her style choices each day, I have to ask her to stand up during video meetings so I can see what she’s wearing. (I’m so annoying—I know.) Since Natalie’s weekday outfits have been so good lately, I kindly asked her to document them. Lucky for you and me, she had just received a huge haul from Free Assembly, the ultra-affordable line that carries everyday essentials designed to be mixed, matched, and layered to your heart’s desire. Below, Natalie’s sharing a week’s worth of outfits from the brand complete with all the best under-$58 essentials for spring. Don’t worry, I made her spill her styling tips, too.  

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